Green Built North Carolina

Green-Built-NC-LogoGreen Built NC Homes is a statewide program in North Carolina that provides a certificate for builders who meet “green home” guidelines. These guidelines emphasize comfort, health, energy and water conservation, site preservation, and renewable energy use.

This certification includes either ENERGY STAR certification (or a HERS Index of 85 or less and showing that the house is 15% better than the 2009 International Energy Code), plus inspection of additional items specific to the Green Built NC program.

Click here to go to the Green Built NC website.
Click here to go to the Western NC Green Building Council website.

Required Inspections / Verifications

We are trained and certified to provide the third-party, independent inspections and verifications required for ENERGY STAR and Green Built NC, which include (but are not limited to):
• design review
• modeling using REMRate software
• thermal bypass/framing inspection
• insulation inspection
• testing for leakage in the HVAC duct system
• testing for airtightness of the building envelope
• various site inspections for the HealthyBuilt Home checklist

About Us

Headquartered in Asheville, NC, VandeMusser Design provides technical consulting and certification services for green residential construction to builders, architects, developers, and homeowners in Western North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia.

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