Modular Certification

Modular Housing Plant Certification

As third-party modular plant certifiers, VandeMusser Design can assist modular housing manufacturers in certifying their facilities as ENERGY STAR-compliant plants.

The ENERGY STAR Modular Home Qualifying Program is designed to take advantage of and leverage the quality control and building methods already used in modular construction. Highlights of the program include:

One-Time Plant Certification – Instead of requiring a third-party inspection of each home (required of site builders), the modular plant completes a one-time, ENERGY STAR certification. The factory is then responsible for maintaining quality and conformance to ENERGY STAR requirements using the factory’s existing in-plant quality assurance procedures. Auditing is then done by the plant certifier twice a year to verify that the certification procedures are being upheld.

Energy Star “Quality-Assured” Plant Label – The plant then applies a Quality Assured label to the ENERGY STAR homes they build. This label, furnished by MHRA, indicates to the builder that the home is ready to be completed as an ENERGY STAR home. The factory provides the builder with a list of those ENERGY STAR items that must be completed at the site.

On-Site Completion of Home by Builder – Completion of the ENERGY STAR home is the builder’s responsibility. The builder completes the items indicated on the list provided by the factory. Conformance with the ENERGY STAR requirements in the field is verified by a third party rater.

Second Energy Star Label after Home Completion – At the completion of construction and verification of the ENERGY STAR features, the rater provides the builder with a second label, a blue ENERGY STAR label, available from MHRA. The two labels signify that the home qualifies under the national ENERGY STAR program.

Click here to go to The MHRA Modular Protocol Website.

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