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house-diagnostics-xsmallHome Energy Audits are available to owners of existing homes who are concerned about the energy performance of their home and would like an independent analysis of their options. The process is specifically targeted toward energy performance, but since houses operate as a complex and highly integrated system, many homeowners also obtain insights and feedback that improve comfort, indoor air quality, and combustion safety. There are three levels of audits that can be performed:

A level 1 audit typically includes walkthrough and visual inspection of key existing conditions. At the completion of the audit the homeowner will be given a menu of possible improvements and recommendations.

A level 2 audit typically includes a Level 1 Audit plus diagnostic testing using a blower door and duct blaster to measure airtightness of the ductwork and building envelope. This can be useful for the do-it-yourselfer or for homeowners who would like to have diagnostics performed prior to scheduling air sealing work. Documentation given to the homeowner will also include the test results with a short guide on how to interpret them.

A level 3 audit typically includes walkthrough and visual inspection of existing conditions, including measurements of existing building surfaces, and computer energy modeling. The homeowner will receive recommendations and a menu of possible improvements, as well as a Home Energy Rating Certificate for the home, with estimated energy usage and carbon emissions. The documentation for this level of audit can include cost payback analysis for improvements and information necessary for energy efficient mortgage programs.

Thermography: Thermal imaging can be added to any of the above packages for an additional fee. Thermal imaging can be useful to visually identify defects in insulation performance, other building components that contribute to heat loss, and can sometimes show routes of moisture entry and help diagnose the extent of moisture problems. Thermography is most effective when there is a 20 degree temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, so we will try to schedule that with you at a time when that can be achieved. The thermography package includes a report that contains your photos and a brief description of what is being shown in each.

Once we have identified the issues in your house and how to fix them, we promise not to leave you high and dry to figure out who to hire to fix them! We have a large network of qualified professionals we work with who can assist you with any energy-related improvement projects you may want to tackle after having an energy audit done. As a third-party consultant, we have no issues with making multiple recommendations so that you can get competitive prices, allowing you to get the most for your money.

We do understand that each house is unique and different combinations of tests and inspections may be necessary to identify specific problems – we are more than happy to tailor our approach to your needs and/or budget.

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